My Youtube Story.

Hi everyone! So last week, I wrote a Teen Tells Their Story blog post called Benefits of Being a Teen which got loads of good feedback. Thankyou very much! This week, Teens Tell Their Story topic is Youtube.

Now, loads of bloggers are part of Teen Tells Their Story so alot of the blog posts will be similar to eachother so I decided to make mine a little different so I’m going to tell you my Youtube Story. Hope you like it!

I think the first time I thought of starting youtube was after finding Danisnotonfire. He seemed to relate to me in so many ways and was so funny so I decided to start youtube.

My first video was Globophobia (which is now deleted).I was terrified of the webcam and the deep big world of youtube. It wasn’t edited and I just rambled on for ages. You couldn’t really hear me either. I don’t know if it was my microphone or just how shy and quiet I was! Well, I still am quiet.

My video actually got over 1,000 views which were probably me refreshing the webpage but anyway, I was really proud of that. So I decided to carry on but maybe do a little bit of beauty. Omg, I can’t believe I made makeup tutorials. My makeup skills were awful and my face looked like this at the end..


A ‘girl’ called Emma Adams inboxed me saying that my makeup videos were really good but I needed to undo my buttons on my t-shirt and maybe wear my tie. This freaked me out and I told my parents.

If this ever happens to you, always tell your parents! There is a really sad story about this girl called Amanda Todd and I think everyone should hear it.

I wanted more views so I started telling all my friends on instagram when I uploaded videos. Alot of people from school watched them. I got good responses and bad responses. Mostly bad. A few of the ‘populars’ found out and took the micky. It made my self confidence go down massively and I got a little bit depressed. I didn’t want to go to school and I thought I was a huge failure.

So I stopped making videos.

I guess this is why I’m writing a blog because I don’t have to show my face and I guess I can express my thoughts without getting scared about what people at school think.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and have learnt a little bit more about me! I’m going to London for two weeks so I might not be able to put up as many blog posts as I would like to but I will be writing a blog posts as much as possible.

Like if you’ve enjoyed, comment, check out my other posts and follow for more blog posts from me!

Hideaway Girl xxx

9 thoughts on “My Youtube Story.

  1. I think you should try your videos again I mean not everyone gets it the first time. I mean just tell your close friends and the people who follow your blog and dont let the haters get you down! Also dan is life !

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  2. People can be so mean sometimes! I hope that you are feeling better from that whole incident. I’m sure they just needed something new and juicy to talk about. Those Populars…
    I’m glad you found something such as blogging to be a good alternative and didn’t give up on sharing your ideas completely!

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  3. I used to make YouTube videos and I didn’t want to taken the muck out of as well so I wanted to be anonymous and that’s were my blog comes in

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