Jumpy July Favourites 2015

Hi, everyone! So it’s the end of the month which means a new favourites post which I’ve been kinda worried to write about because it feels this month has zoomed pass and I haven’t really spent my money on anything.

Anyway, let’s get on to it.


In my Jazzy June Favourites, I mentioned The Duff as my favourite book I read that month and I really wanted to watch the film. I went and watched it but I didn’t think it was as good as the book. It did also seem that the book was alot more dramatic because the film did skip over some stuff which would have made the film so much more interesting. But if your more into comedy and mean girls kinda thing, then I guess this is the perfect film for you.

I did watch a very good film this month and it was Jurassic World. I’m a person who hates gruesome, bloody scenes but this film didn’t show any, they kinda turned the camera around so you didn’t see the dinosaurs biting off the peoples heads. I really liked the film and it was really easy to follow so you don’t have to watch the other Jurassic Parks. Also, they have the super fit Nick Robinson in it to keep you entertained.


Double Cross

I finished the Noughts and Crosses series which I’m quite proud of because I never really finish series. I’m not a huge book worm. I found ‘Double Cross’  very tense at some points which made me wanting to read more so I’m very upset that’s the end of Noughts and Crosses.

Lush Products. 

I got this picture from  http://retroloveblog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/lush-sakura-bath-bomb.html
I got this picture from retroloveblog.blogspot.co.uk

For this month, I used lush’s Sakura bath bomb. I’m kinda crap at describing scents but it smelt very floral and maybe a little bit of lemon. When I put it in the bath it didn’t really ‘wow’ me, there wasn’t any show which I kinda wanted. The bath was very relaxing when I got in and made my skin feel soft.

I got this image from tumblr
I got this image from tumblr

I never tried a shower gel from Lush but when my mum brought me ‘Happy Hippy’, I decided I would be buying more shower gels from them! Happy Hippy has a very strong scent of grape fruit which makes you want to pour the whole bottle on you. The scent smells like sherbet and gives you a very nice sweet scent for the day ahead! You can also use this for your hair so if you ever in a hurry, you can use this for your hair. I will be giving Happy Hippy a score out of 10/10!


My friends have got me listening to My Chemical Romance which I thought I wasn’t going to like but actually some of there songs are really good!


Favourite Blogger of the month!

Whoever reads my blog, I always look at your blog and I found a really good blogger called Floatingskys who in a way, connects to me so please check her out and follow her!

Okay, so that’s the end of my favourites. Please like if you’ve enjoyed, comment what lush products I should use next, check out my other favourites and follow for more posts from me!

Hideaway Girl xxx

6 thoughts on “Jumpy July Favourites 2015

  1. Oh God love MCR. I wish I’d started listening to them sooner. I never thought I’d like them, but here I am listening to The Black Parade 🙂

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  2. Mcr Are amazing! Also I know you don’t know me but I’m new to the blogging world so could you maybe check out my blog? No worries if not ? Ps. Sorry for the random error In posting on your blogpost :/ – regards, em x –

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