Benefits of being a teenager.

Hi, everyone! So last week, I wrote a blog post about the Struggles Of Being A Teen as it was the topic of last week for Teens Tell Their Story. This week, it’s the benefits of being a teenager which I’ve found really difficult to think of but I’ve come up with some points.

For me, whenever I wake up in the morning for school, my mum is already up even if she’s not working that day. My mum is amazing and I don’t what I would do if I didn’t have her wash my clothes and iron my shirts because I NEED my netflix time after school. I don’t have time for that crap! My mum never really has a break, she’s always doing housework and it looks bloody tiring!

Not that I do help her

I also get my lunch made everyday which is so much better than waiting in the lunch queue for ages and having to stand it front of some sweaty boys pushing each-other, normally into me

pissed off face.

I also don’t have to save up for stuff normally because my parents buy it for me which is really nice.

Also I don’t have to pay tax and bills and have a proper job which is kinda awesome.

Hopefully, I will get a good job when I’m older. I feel like I have so much opportunities now which my parents don’t have. Our brains are alot more young so it’s easier to remember stuff which is really worrying because I have a memory of a goldfish.

These were the only ones I could think of :/ but even so, I hope you’ve enjoyed this somehow so like if you’ve enjoyed, comment any more ideas, check out my other posts and follow for more!

Hideaway Girl xxx

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