Cleanwaters Caravan Park- A Short Story.

Hi everyone! So it’s the summer holidays which I’m so very happy about. I don’t have to wake up at half past 6 in the morning for 6 weeks! oh, happy days!

I’ve tried really hard at school this year and it’s been as tiring as hell but it was worth the marks. It’s quite scary as well because two years ago, I was at the bottom for english and maths and now I’m at the top set, well expect for sport. We got to bring our books home which I was quite happy about because I wanted to show my English book. Is it okay if I show you one of the stories I made up here? ….. I’m going to show you anyway.

Okay, so this short diary entry about a moody teenage girl who goes on a holiday with her family. Hope you like it!

Last year, my parent’s decided to spend an ‘exciting’ weekend away because my little winnie brother needed a break from this xbox. I was thrilled. My parent’s didn’t really tell me where we were going so I just thought we were going to go to Devon or somewhere sunny.

But no, we were going to freakin’ Scotland!

Our car isn’t very luxurious. Well if you like the smell of old McDonalds floating in air around you for 10 hours; then you will have a different opinion. Normally, I try to escape the political arguments by going to sleep;I couldn’t go to sleep. Whenever I slightly closed my eyes, my dog slobbers all over my face, covering every single inch of my skin with gross dog saliva. For TEN hours, I had to hear my dad gabble on about why David Cameron should go and stick his head down a toilet!

After the countless hours of the debate and Jorden needing to pee every 5 minutes, we drove into ‘Cleanwaters Caravan Park’. Slowly,I started to realize that there was not one single person (apart from me and Jorden)  that was under the age of thirty. All around me, I saw OAPs, who were as old as the milk in the cafeteria,being wheeled around.

Was I going to spend my weekend going to funerals?!

I was looking forward to a night in my caravan bedroom alone but it turns out that I had to share my room (more like storage room) with my ten year old brother who farts in his sleep. A teenage girl needs her privacy and wifi. I had neither of these. This was going to be eventful.

Escaping the death of boredom, I went to ‘fun night’ at the bingo hall with my family. Usually, a bingo hall would be bright and full of colour. This bingo hall had several rows of chairs fulled with many ancient pieces of skin and bones. They had a bar though; it contained 30 plastic cups and orange juice.

It seemed like my family abandoned me so I was stuck sitting next to dear old Mary. Back at primary school, we visited a elderly care home every Christmas. Most of the kids went to explore the wonders of the elderly. I wasn’t one of those kids. I found old people somehow scary. I don’t know if it’s their teeth always clattering together or it’s the way they always smell of piss, even way I was terrified of them.

Mary was nothing like anyone I’ve met before. She was physically and mentally fit. She could tell me stories which were centuries ago. I don’t like history; but she made her words turn into something magical.

That’s all I have! I can continue it if you want me to if you want so please like and tell me what you’ve thought of it! Like if you’ve enjoyed, comment what you think, check out my other posts and follow for more posts from me!

Hideaway Girl xxx

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