How I nearly died.

Hi everyone! So next week is the last week of school! Yeah! And for the last three days we get to do whatever we want so that could be photography, watersports, horse riding and lots more! Last year, I did watersports with my friends which was really fun expect that I nearly killed myself.

On the last day of water sports, I felt quite confident in water. I would died by now,so they’re was no need to worry… I thought I was pretty good at paddleboarding and also they’re was a cute boy who was trying out instructing that summer.He looked like Nate Garner! If you don’t know who he is, I’m insulted. He instructed paddleboarding so I decided to do it with the rest of my friends.

Off we go roaming the waters, feeling pretty tumblr at that point. But the plan twisted. It became the hunger games. Girls became monsters trying to push people off. I wouldn’t say it was people, it was mainly me. My friends turned my backs on me, I was now alone. I had to survive. I did fall in but I managed to get up again. I was warrior. I quite liked jumping off my paddleboard, I felt like a animal released from their cage. But that animal soon got slaughtered.

Quickly, I got addicted to jumping off the board. The Nate Garner would help me if I couldn’t get up but he soon realized that I was doing it on purpose to get his attention.

I did it again but this time I couldn’t get up. I wasn’t worried at first if I just pretend that shark is going to get me then I’ll be able to get up. But no,my imagination of a shark was crap.

It was the worst time to not be able to get on my board. I was near a boat which would squash me. It was time to panic. A girl with the a name that starts with T saw me and tried to save me but all she was doing was laughing. Like what the hell, its like laughing at someone who can’t walk. It wasn’t really helping and I was going under and under.


Nate Garner was just shouting at me to get on the board like what the hell do you think I’m doing? DO YOU HAVE EYES?!! I was trying to think of really good last words like really sloppy ones like in the titanic.If I was going to die, it had be to remembered in a funny way.

My friend, Middlebrook, came and shouted help for the teacher. A teacher went to come and help me but she couldn’t swim to me. I thought they’re were meant to save us when we got in this situation.But no, they had no experience. I getting even more in the current. In the distance, I could hear my friends singing waves and it sounded like angels in the distance. Was this the time, was I was going to see God? Have I done anything bad, was I going to hell? I was then panicking if I was going to go to hell or not!

Middlebrook then had a good idea to see if I could get onto her board and I was able to. It was like my board was trying to kill me, it probably because I was jumping off and on again.

I got on my paddleboard and paddled my way back to the shore where everyone was staring at me.


I felt so embrassed.

When I told my parents, they didn’t really care. They just said I was stupid and that was it. I’m doing photography walk this year so I’m sure I won’t get in that state again unless if I fall off a cliff while trying to take a selfie.

Anyway, I hope you’ve liked this blog post. Like if you’ve enjoyed, comment any nearly dying situations  of yours and follow for more from me!

Hideaway Girl xxx

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