Jazzy June Favourites 2015

Hi, everyone! So it’s the end of June and the start of July which means a favourites post. I love doing favourites and I’ve actually starting to like to read other people’s favourites of the month. Thankyou for 50 followers you don’t know how much that means to me! Hopefully, we will reach 100 at the end of the year!! Anyway, let’s get started!


Theory of Everything

I’ve been waiting to watch Theory of Everything since it came out but I didn’t think it was going to be as brilliant as it was! The film made me cry so MUCH even more than the Fault in Our Stars. I love Steven Hawking and his story, it’s so inspirational and just moving. He was expected to live for 2 years  after getting the illness but lived for more than 70 years. I seriously think he’s my new role model and would love to meet him. I urge you to watch it!


The Duff

To take a break from Malorie Blackman, I read the book ‘The Duff’ which the film is coming out which was released in February. I wanted to read the book before the film, but looking at the trailer, the book and film are very different. I still love the book and would recommend it to any teens who love Mean Girls 😉


Lemon shorts from Primark

During this month, I’ve been paying alot of visits to Primark! I didn’t have many shorts but I wanted a little colour so I went for these lemon shorts which I really loved wearing in France and looked really good with a white t-shirt.

Cute t-shirts

I also went and brought a burgundy top which cost around £6. I found the lace on this was amazing and looked pretty cute. I can also wear this in the autumn!

Primark outfit with fannel

When I went shopping with my friends, I brought this checked fannel from Primark which I’ve wanted for ages! It costed £8 which ALOT cheaper than New Look. When I told my friends that I needed they were like WTF! I then had to explain that it was a posh word for a checked shirt. My friend Ellie Smellie also went and brought the same shirt :/.

Bath Bombs

Honey Bee Lush

For this month, I used the Honey Bee from Lush which was absolutely bee-utiful. You saw what I did there? I’m the best at jokes!  I was disappointed in some ways as I thought it was going to be bright yellow instead it looked like I peed in the bath! But it did make my skin feel silky smooth.

Face Washes 


So while queuing up in the queue for primark, I saw Simple Skin Facial Wash. Now I use to love this but I rang out and always forgot to buy some more! My skin is very sensitive so I feel that Simple always has the best products for me, sice using this product my skin feels alot more fresh and less greasy.

Hair and ears 

I always seem to lose my earrings, so I got a 8 new pairs in a pack. I think it will last me for a bit! I love these designs and I think Primark did a good job!

It’s getting hotter and more sweaty so  this is the season where I wear my hair up. Believe it or not, I don’t have many hair accessories. So I brought my self cute Sunflower hair band from Primark  and it looks really good with my lemon shorts!

Sunflower hairband


Walk the moon

So I really stareted liking the Band ‘Walk the Moon’ which I thought I would hate but actually they’re pretty good! If you want to check them out or see what I listen to, look on my spotify.

I actually think that’s it! Like if you enjoyed, comment what bands I should listen to, check my other posts and follow for more from me!

Hideaway Girl xxx

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