Hi everyone! About two years ago, I decided to make a cake. Don’t know why. I just wanted to make a cake. So off I hop to ASDA, nearly getting hit by a car at every road which isn’t really my fault as the traffic is normally made of  people who don’t know how to drive.I can’t believe my parents trust me in stroll the streets of the land of old people and cars.

Finally, I get there alive and pick up a trolley. Is it just me but don’t adults always think that all teenagers shop lift? It’s horrible going around the supermarket, having people watch your every move.

Staring public

Skipping all the healthy aisles, I go the chocolate aisle. I’m looking at the chocolates thinking how much I can buy with £10, when I heard this big crash. I look behind me, looking for the idiot who smashed into the eggs. But there wasn’t everyone there. I slowly turn my head, praying to God that I had 0% to do with the sudden out break.

Before my eyes, there was an angry Spanish women who was literally spiting words (probably swear words) in my face. Her trolley was smashed into mine spilling all her items on the floor.


It was a Sunday afternoon and literally the store was packed. And every pair of eyes was on me and the crazy woman. I wanted to cry. I tried to help the lady by picking up her shopping but she just told me to F off in Spanish probably. So I slowly turned my back and went, feeling everyone’s eyes on me.

Well that’s really what happened. I just ran out of ASDA and went home. I hope you’ve enjoyed me embarrassing myself. Please like if you’ve enjoyed, comment any embarrassing situations and follow for more post’s from me!

Hideaway Girl xxx

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