Stuck In Love film review

This is a blog post which I wrote on my other blog! Hope you enjoy!


Hi everyone! It’s Hideaway Girl. So I’ve decided that on this blog I will be sharing my reviews on what I like, so that could be: films,books,music or just random things which I love!

I’ve wanted to share this wonderful film with you. ‘Stuck in Love’ kinda melted my heart all way through and it made me cry a little bit at the end. I honestly think this is the best film ever and needs so much more praise!

The film is based on a man,called William Borgens, who went through a rocky divorce and his ex-wife (Erica) got remarried to a younger man. This hasn’t stopped William for keep looking through her window at night.Normally, he find’s Erica and her new husband arguing which makes William still wait for her as he think’s this ex-wife’s relationship isn’t going to last.  I found that Greg KIinnear played the role of William…

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