Merry May Favourites 2015

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted last week, I had exams to revise for but now, I’ve done them! I had my maths exam and the teat paper was one which I already did! So hopefully I’ll be in a high class next year!

It’s the end of May but that means it’s a step closer to the summer holidays! I’m so looking forward to them 🙂 I’ve collected quite a few things this month so I’ve decided to share my favourites with you guys


Featured Image -- 387

If you read my another blog (United Girls) you probably seen that I watched the film ‘Stuck in Love’ and OH MY GOODIES it’s the best film ever! I seriously considering writing a fanfiction about it. It’s got a brilliant cast including  Nat Wloff, Lily Collins and yes, the good looking Logan Leerman in it!! If you want to read my whole review, click here.


My last favourites post, I mentioned Noughts and Crosses. Well, I kinda found that my school library has the whole series! So I might of taken the whole series out :/ I finished the second book ‘Knife’s Edge’ which I didn’t find it as good as the first one but it was still really good! I would tell you what it’s about but I would ruined Noughts and Crosses.

Shiver and Knife's Edge

I also read Shiver which was recommended by Teen Vogue so I tried it out! I wasn’t expecting much from this, thinking that it was going to be exactly like Twilight, but actually it was quite good. It’s a series but I think I’m only going to read the first one because I quite like how the story is at the moment.


Teen Vogue and Seventeen

I haven’t put this in any of my favourites blog post before! But this May, I read my first Teen Vogue and Seventeen magazine. Magazine’s are different to books, you can read them over and over again but with books, you can only read it once.

In Teen Vogue, there was an exclusive interview with Kylie Jenner which actually was quite interesting  even though I don’t watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The article is online which is really weird as I thought it would be only in the magazine. If you want to check it out, click here.

In Seventeen, they had an article about Getting an A in grades without doing any revision. I really liked this article as it just helped me through my exams this week and is quite intresting to read what music you sound listen to when studying or what you should eat on the day of your exams. I couldn’t find it on Seventeen website but I found another blog post which is basically the same. Click here to read the post 


As you may know, I went to London (and Windsor) last week where I spent abit too much money.

In London, I went into H&M where I got this stripy top which is perfect for the summer and I can’t wait to go out in it.

H&M stripy vest

It costs £3.99 which I think it’s quite a cheap price. I also got a basic white t-shirt which look perfect with my ripped jeans! It costs £7.99 which may seem a little expensive..

H&M white t-shirt

When I went to Windsor, I got a Super-dry Original Windcheater in the Shade pink. Prepare yourselves.

The coat costs…you sure your ready… okay then… £69.99. I felt very lucky and I absolutely love it!

Superdry Coat

Bath Bombs 

Twlight Lush

I also payed a ‘short’ visit to Windsor’s lush where I brought loads of bath bombs. I picked up Twilight which smelt so much  of Lavender. I looked on the website, before I put in the bath, it said that its designed to help you sleep which was perfect for my exam week. Twlight made a wonderful show of colours, starting from light to dark. There was even a little bit glitter! I went to sleep like a baby after using this product and it did relax me before my exams.



I’ve really gotten into Echosmiths and I really like their song ‘Bright’ which in my opinion, is better than ‘Cool Kids’. I also liked listening to my playlist on Spotify while revising, if you want you to check it out Click here

Bloggers and Youtubers of the month. 

I’ve decided to introduce a new topic to my favourites, where I mentioned my favourite blog and channel of the month. This mo’s the nth my blogger of the month is Life of Being Lauren who makes posts which somehow are exactly on how I think. It’s a blog which you should check out!

My youtuber of the month is HelloKaty who writes about boys, fashion, beauty or whatever comes into her mind. I really like her videos and I think your will like them too 😉

That’s the end of my favourites, I really hope you liked this blog post 🙂 Please like, comment any requests on what you want me to write about, check out my another favourites and please follow for more blog from me! Love you guys lots!

Hideaway Girl xxx

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  1. I love Seventeen and Teen Vogue too! There such good magazines – also I love ‘Cool Kids’ by Echosmith! Nice post ☺🙈 xoxo

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