Things that I get annoyed about on social media..

Hi everyone! Like many teenage girls, I love the internet which means strolling through social media all the time. There’s many good things about social media such as always have access to your crushes selflies or always getting updates on what your favourite celebs are doing. But sometimes, I get annoyed. So today, I will be talking about what I get annoyed about on social media.

People who spam. These people are usually quite popular at school and always posts selfies of themselves. AND then deletes them afterwards. Then reposts them the next day. Once, this barbie girl in my school said ‘I never posted selfies’ I felt like whipping my phone out and showing her, her instagram which had so many selfies on there.

People who put depressing posts up  These people are normally the one’s who spam with selfies as well which is awfully weird if they say their ugly. If you do have depression, please contact a family member, a teacher or a doctor. Don’t take it out on social media. SOME people who posted it once and get loads of positive feedback, keep posting stuff like that to feel better. It’s not good!

‘Relationships’  Kids who posts relationship goals things on social media. YOUR NOT GOING TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP LIKE THAT BECAUSE YOUR ONLY 11 YEARS OLD.

People who comment horrible sarcastic things on people’s pictures. These are normally the populars who tag their friend into one of your posts and say ‘I wish I was as cool as her’ I had that on one of my posts. I commented back with ‘Yeah.. your never going to be as cool as me with your branded bags and make-up plastered over your face.’

I wouldn’t normally say that but I thought ‘Hey, why not make fun of this?’ I did. And blocked her.

People who have loads of followers. Again, these are normally the populars. They normally around 1078 followers who most of them, they don’t even know and are normally perverts.


Okay, that’s about it!

Me and my friends have made a blog called United Girls so please check that out! Like if you’ve enjoyed, comment what annoys you on social media, request what posts you want to see in the future and follow for more posts from me!

Hideaway Girl xxx



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