March Favourites 2015

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I went round my friends house to have a sleepover so I didn’t have time. Another month has passed which means another monthly favourites. I’ve brought alot of clothes so this may be a bit  like a haul.


A couple of weeks ago, I purchased my first ever high waisted jeans from Primark! It was very exciting! I absolutely love them and go with everything I got! I think they would be quite good to wear them in the summer because you might want to wear a crop top but cover your belly. I also got some black jeans which I wear all the time. I think both of the jeans cost around £10…I’m not sure!


T-shirts and Jumpers

It cost £9.99 from newlook

I didn’t realize that I had a ten pound new look voucher but when I I found out. I brought this really cute baseball like t-shirt. It looks so hot with my new high-waisted jeans and red converse!

I also got a really cool marvel t-shirt which has covers of comics on it and a Tom and Jerry shirt.

march 2015 photos 107 301506989358_1

I’m loving jumpers without the zips. The British weather isn’t so good at the moment so I got a lion king jumper as I felt like a Disney kid at the moment at time and I also got a t-shirt with a finding nemo thing on it which I found quite funny.

$_35 march 2015 photos 108


I really like wearing the bows which I put in my last favourites post but I found them too small so I got a big stripy one and a blue frilly one.



I have found the most easiest eyeliner to apply and its the Collection Extreme Felt Tip Eyeliner in the shade black and it’s amazing! It’s only £2.99 in Superdrug!


Hair Styles

I’m really loving wearing the french plaits in my hair,I don’t know how to do them but there will be a video on the web somewhere.


Bath Bombs

This month, I tried the space girl bath bomb. It smelt quite fruity and that glitter  all over it when I open it up! It put this wonderful show in the bath tub and is my favourite bath bomb yet!

march 2015 photos 011


I’m currently reading Paper Towns but I’m nearly finished but when I finish it, I’ll do a really big review of it! But I did read Monster Calls which was well confusing.

march 2015 photos 010


While searching music for my new playlist on Spotify, I found this song called Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. I really love this band at the moment!


I’ve found this free game on the app store called aa and I didn’t expect it to be so good! I can’t really explain it but it’s really fun and challenging.



My favourite film of the month is Love,Rosie. I found this film so funny and just makes you feel good! Perfect film for a sleepover, I think. 



I’m really liking Will Darbyshire’s channel so check it out!

I’m going to London tomorrow but I’m going to take alot of pictures while I’m there so there will be many blog posts when I get back! If you want to listen to my Spotify playlist click here. Comment what your  favourites where this month, like if you’ve enjoyed and follow for more favourites. Hope you’ve enjoyed it and see you soon!

Hideaway Girl xxx

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