Summer Wishlist 2015

Hi everyone! Spring is ending today! Which is crazy and slightly scary! I thought it was just the start of spring but now it’s coming to close. I’m really bad with seasons.

Looking through my blog, I haven’t done any beauty or fashion. I love beauty and fashion but it’s so hard doing beauty while staying anonymous.

BUT. I did find a post which I can do! I saw some other bloggers doing these types of wishlists for season clothing.Which I really enjoyed reading!

I hope you enjoy this blog post!


Last year, I really enjoyed wearing vests. But I didn’t have many of them so I would like to get a couple more.

PicMonkey Collage

I got some light pink vans for Christmas but I didn’t have any clothes to go with it but I’ve found this top on the Primark website which I really want..


Cute right?


I’ve only got one pair of shorts and last year, I was wearing them all the time.I live near the beach so all summer, I’m normally down at the beach trying to get a tan but as usual I don’t get one.

I would really like these shorts because they’re waterproof and have such a beautiful design! AND its pink! Btw:my favourite colour isn’t pink, it’s just I need more pink stuff.


For walking around town, I really need another pair of shorts but with a bit of colour like yellow!


Shoes, bags and accessories

Whenever I get sandals, I normally break them. So this year, I’m hooting for flip flops.

But I couldn’t find any flip flops on the Primark website! As the layout, is absolutely crap!

I couldn’t find accessories or bags! But I really want a beach bag and some bracelets.

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