Teaser of my new series

Hi everyone! I broken up from school for the Easter holidays!  So I have lots more time to write some more blog posts! I was looking for ideas to write today when I  noticed that some people write a chapter of a story once a week. I’ve always enjoyed writing so I’ve decided to write a little chapter and if you would like to see more please comment down below!

‘Looking forward to the big day?’ I look up from my coco pops and see Mum who was grinning from ear to ear.                                     ‘Hm, you could say that.’ I grunted through my mouth full of cereal. I only got 5 minutes to get out of the house and I haven’t even got changed yet. ‘I’ve got to go.’                                             I ran up the stairs with Elsa nipping at my ankles.How can a small poodle have such phyco thoughts? Before, she could reach my neck and savagely kill me, I closed door. Omg! My hair looks like a mess. I’ve literally got a minute to sort my frizzy dark mess out. I don’t have time to wash it so I grabbed my dry shampoo which I got from Great Auntie Vic last week and violently coughed when I accidental sprayed it in my mouth. Great.

On the way to school, Mum wouldn’t stop talking about how Riverside school has high potential for me and will give me a brighter future. As usual, I just drifted to the world of music which blocked the endless gabble of my mother.  The walk to school only takes 5 minutes but mum insisted of taking me there. I would rather go into the Land Rover with mum than walk into my new school (my new start) with my mother holding my hand. When we got there, mum parked in front of the first building with a big sign above the door saying RECEPTION.  I jumped out of the car as soon as the wheels stopped and brought my awfully big hood up; trying to hide my identify of the girl with the embarrassing mother.  I got greeted by the door by little old lady who had a badge saying Reception. ‘You must be Ashley, Mr Andrew was looking for you. Let me show you his office.’ She motioned me to follow her up the stairs and pointed toward this dove-like door which had letters making the word Headmaster.                                            A fat man who looked about in this late 40s turned around and stood up from his chair. I’m surprised he could even get up from his chair with that much flubber. ‘Hello Ashley. I’m Mr Andrew, ‘ His voice sounded like it was chipmunk which was quite amusing because you would think his voice would be like an elephant. I bit my lip to stop me from bursting into laughter. ‘Please sit down.’ He gestured to the a big white chair which had the same colour  as the rest of the room. I sat down. ‘I’ve known you had a hard time at your last school but I do not want you to bring it to your school. Your Gurberry school reports were quite excellent at the start. You have bright future but it seems at the end of your time in Gurberry you changed. What do you say about that?’ He glances at me, holding his hands in a way a therapist holds his hands when he wants you to talk about your feelings.                                                          ‘Well….I’ve come here for a new start and to leave my past in the past. I think Riverside is going to be an excellent idea.’ I said, staring at the Mr Andrew’s wrinkly old forehead. Dad teached me that. Stare at somebody’s forehead instead of somebody’s eyes. You’ll become more confident. Well, I guessed that’s true. ‘The leaflet you sent through the mail said that I start class in 5 minutes. If you’ll excuse me, I need to get my timetable. Thankyou for this prep talk but I do have to go.’ I exit from my chair to shake his hand and leave for the door.                                                      ‘Miss Specks, I don’t want to see you in my office for the rest of the week, so be careful.’ I bow and close the door, leaving the all-white room behind.

On my timetable, it says that I have Geography with Mrs Pearson. Hm.. I hate Geography especially when I had to sit next to that Chuck last year. The little old lady, who I learnt that her name was Miss Roberts, said that I’ve got to go to the History and Geography block for the lessons. In the hallways, hundreds of students with the same mouldy green blazer uniform rushed to their lessons. HG14. How the heck, am I suppose to find HG14? HG20 HG19 HG18…..HG15 HG14. Found it. I look in to find about 23 students in there with a teacher at a desk with a big grim frown on her face. I knock on the door. Immediately, all of the 46 eyes look at the door. ‘Come in’ Mrs Pearson said. Her voice sounds like a cat which can talk but while being strangled. I open the door and come up to her desk which had millions of piles of paper. I hate those type of teachers. ‘You must be our new student.’                                                                                            ‘Yep. I’m Ashley.’ I said, offering my hand. She didn’t shake it.       ‘Right Ashley, you’ve got to greet me by calling me madame and never talk while I’m speaking. Understand?’                                    ‘Yes, Madame,’                                                                                ‘Good. Here’s your book and sit over there, next to Keena.’ She points to a stool which is next to this beautiful blonde girl. Oh no, my first encounter with a popular. I sit next to her without trying to get in her personal space. ‘Oh Hi, I’m Keena’ She says, smiling her perfect white teeth.                                                                     ‘I’m Ashley’                                                                                        ‘I know.’  So gossip has already started about me. Brilliant.   ‘Your mum is friends with my mum’ She explained. Thinking about it, mum did mentioned the name Keena at breakfast.           ‘QUIET please!’ The mole said from her desk.

When the bell rang, I ran for the door and turned for the corrider but then I heard ‘Ashley! Ashley! Wait up!’ Keena was running towards, her heels clicking on the floor.                                 ‘What’s the matter?’                                                                      ‘Do you want to have break with me?’ Keena said, pointing towards the cafeteria. I had nobody else to eat with, so why not  have lunch on your first day with this Barbie.                                  ‘Yeah, okay.’

The cafeteria was packed! ‘Keena!’ A girl with red hair, waved from a table which had people crowding around it. Keena walks up to it and sits between the red hair girl and this blonde boy who had stunning eyes. ‘This is my new friend Ashley.’ Keena announces.                                                                                      ‘Hi! I’m Amity.’ Said the girl, twirling her red hair around her finger. I mumbled hi. ‘This is Casper.’ She points to a boy behind her who is wearing all Arctic Monkeys top and has dark eye all over his eyes. Goth. Casper waved back and I waved back.           ‘He doesn’t talk much.’ Keena explained.                                       ‘Oh okay.’                                                                                          ‘This is Tom.’ Keena said ‘My boyfriend’

Hope you enjoyed that little teaser! I really want to know what you think so I can make more for the future! Comment what you think, like if you’ve enjoyed and follow for more!

Hideaway Girl xxx

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