Things which you can do with your friends.

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday but I’ve been working on other post which you will see soon. I will be posting alot more than usual this week because its the Easter Hoildays but I do have alot of homework so some days I might not post. Whenever I do have free time,I do like to catch up with my friends but I live in a small town so its quite hard to find something to do. Today, I have written a list of things you can do with your friends. Enjoy!

1. Go shopping. I do this one all the time! But sometimes it does get a bit boring and I only get £10. My friends and I have a big fashion show thing at a shop where we try on each others clothes and mark them all out of 10. We also use to play hide and seek but I was the one who usually got lost! b9332498a66eeace138d02fb1caffb62

2. A Photography Walk.  When its a beautiful sunny day, why not take a walk! It could be around the city, up the hills of the countryside, on the pebbles of the beach or anywhere! For lunch, you could have it at a cheap cafe or bring a packed lunch! Its really cheap!


3. Netflix and Pizza day. If it’s not so sunny, you can invite your friend over and have watch a film or a really good episode of Pretty Little Liars. Cook some pizza and enjoy it!


4. Spa Day. After a tiring day, relax with a spa treatment. Bring facemasks, nail varnishes, chocolate and music! I’ve made a awesome playlist on Spotify for all of you to listen to! Click here to check it out!  


5. Cycle ride! Cycling is a great way to catch up with friends and I’ve had so much fun whenever I’ve been on one.


6. Hold a boot sale. A great way to own money and also a really good way to get rid of your junk!


7. Monopoly. Have a game of monopoly with your friends and snacks.

8. Go to museums.  Museums are normally free but if they aren’t then they will probably cost very little. You can take some photos and chill out.


9.Go to the cinema. Wanted to watch a film which has just come out! Go with your friends!

10. Go swimming or the Gym. Head down to your local sport centre and go swimming or to the gym.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I’m working on this post at the moment so I don’t know how long its going to take but I will be posting during working on that! I’ve reached 15 followers!!!!! Thankyou! Please comment some ideas what you can do with friends and like if you have enjoyed. Follow for many more posts and check out some more other posts.

Hideaway Girl xxx

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