Being the middle

Hi everyone! I have until next Monday to choose what I will be studying for 3 years and will help me with my A-levels which will get me to university! I’m panicking a little bit but hopefully I will pick the right choose. I think if you work hard at school, you will do well in life but if you don’t , there will another path to walk but this walk may turn into a slow walk and will become a very long path. Some of the popular school kids will turn into teenage mothers and alcoholics and the Nerds will turn into the wealthy, popular adults or will be in jail for hacking something but either way I’m sure I will do okay.

Popularity thermometer which I made

Probably all schools have a popularity scale kinda thing. Only 10%  will be become the Poplars which will contain the Ball’s King and Queen. 20% will become ‘Hangs out with them but isn’t actually a popular’ , 55% become the Middles, 10% will become the people who nobody notices and 5% will become the ‘Outsiders’. I feel deeply sorry for the people who are The ‘Outsiders’. Unlike the Nobody Notices Category, they get noticed but for the wrong way. I wouldn’t say I was a person who nobody noticed or an outsider. I think I’m in the Middle.I don’t mind sitting next to an ‘Outsider’, it’s not like they got a disease. My other Bestfriend Ellephant, said that People respect me for being nice to the outsiders. There is nothing to respect. I’m talking to another human. I like where I’m on that scale but I really don’t like how there is a scale. Our school lives by that scale, I think it’s really unfair. It’s not Adam’s (a random name which I made up) fault that he has a horrible moustache and gets angry when someone calls him a name. Human Rights say to treat people Equally  but we’re not doing that at our schools. We should not treat the ‘Adams’ like that and spend many years in our schools feeling equal. I think many people have an opinion so please comment down what you think. Hideaway Girl xxx

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