Making the most of my Chinese New Year!

Hi everyone! On Tuesday, I travelled up to London with my family and it was really pleasant (I sound really British then)! I went on the tube and being Chinese New Year, I went to China Town and took some fantastic photos (as I must say myself)

I’ve only ever had a Chinese once and that was at one of my friend’s house. I did like some of it and some things I really disliked, like the Sweet and Sour. I didn’t really like how there was so many flavours in one little bite and I’m not really a sweet girl.

My dads a vegan even though I sometimes find him eating pizza which incredibly annoys me. I use to not eat meat for 3 years but it kind of ended after seeing people enjoy burgers on Carnivals Day.

Okay now I’m rambling on, lets get to the point.

So these couple of days, I been thinking about how life is short and how before I know it, I will be 80 and might have grandchildren around me. It scares me.

In my point of view, I don’t think there is an afterlife and that we only have one life.

 Life sucks, and then you die…”
Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

I think I know what my biggest fear is and it’s not making the most of life which bets being scared of balloons.

Thinking about it, I’m now wasting my day stuck in a room watching Gossip Girl and writing on this blog.

If you die at 90 years old, you would have lived 32871.8 days and I’ve wasted lots of them stuck in a room.

Even though I’m not Chinese, my New Year Revolution is to stop watching so much tv and actually make the most of my teenage years.

I apologized if this post has made you bored or scared about dying alone. But I’ve hoped you all had a great week and that you make the most of your life!

Hideaway Girl xxx

2 thoughts on “Making the most of my Chinese New Year!

  1. Yes, I totally agree! I spend most of my time watching American Horror Story :3 I think most teenagers these days are the same, but it doesn’t mean we can keep doing it (I sound like my mum). Love the photos you took, btw!x

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