Looking at this title, your probably wondering what is Globophobia or you  might dread this word and shiver with fear. Let me tell you the beginning of Globophobia.

It all started in 1824, when a man called Michael Faraday filled a rubber bag with hydrogen gas. He called it caoutchoucs. Hydrogen gas was highly inflammable as a poor little kid found out :/ So they replaced it with helium.They changed the name of caoutchoucs to balloon as nobody could pronounce it People soon  found out that a balloon popped if you poked it a little too hard. Whenever you burst one, you may feel surprised or excited but what I pop one I have a panic attack.

I have Globophobia, the fear of balloons.

I’ve had it since I was five. I think I’m scared of them because I popped one when I was little and it really panicked me.

It stopped me going to birthday parties, into McDonalds and sometimes school.

It’s getting better. Last year, I went to the doctors for 11 months and it helped alot! I feel alot more calmer in those situations but I do still get them.I can even go into McDonalds.  My bestfriend (Essex) supports me through it. I’m certain that I will be over this phobia.

If any of you have any phobia of anything contact me or the doctors. Don’t think your crazy! Your not! Also, if any of you have any advice please comment down below.

Hideaway Girl xxx

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