My January Favourites

Hi everyone! This month has whizzed passed again and I’ve collected some stuff which I adore. I haven’t done any beauty posts yet and I’m planning to do some soon. I’m incredibly excited! I haven’t posted for a week now but don’t worry, I haven’t given up on this blog. On Youtube, vloggers do this favourite videos every month. So I decided, to do this on the 1st of each month.I hope you enjoy!


I’m quite a book worm and I have read two books in the matter of two weeks Zoe Sugg (a vlogger) published a book called Girl Online. Even if she didn’t write it or not, it was a really good book. The story line was great and the characters-I became obsessed with the book in a matter of minutes.

After reading Girl Online, I read Frozen Charlotte. I didn’t really appeal to the cover at first but I really enjoyed the book. It did scare me at times;I made the mistake of reading it at night. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT READ IT AT NIGHT. It’s probably one of my favourite horror books so far.

photos 012

Hair and Beauty. 

While the sales were on, I decided to buy some hair and skin products. I didn’t go as crazy as last year though 😦 I brought Batiste Dry Shampoo (oriental) which smells soooooo sniffable (a word which I made up).It also has a beautiful design on the bottle which you want to stare at for ages…  photos 014

I also brought VO5 frizz cream and Straightening Lotion.I love the frizz cream as it leaves my hair nice and curly but with no frizz. The straightening lotion didn’t really work on my hair very well. If you have any tips on using the VO5 straightening lotion, then please comment below 🙂alcu11723_7_OI

Last week, I brought these really cute bows for £2.99 from New Look which were in a pack of three and look super pretty especially when I curl my hair. I would show you a picture but it would take away some of my identity. But I have found a picture which looks like it.


This month I tried Lush’s Shoot for the Stars. Oh my word! Its was freakin amazing! When I put it in the bath it zoomed across my bath tub exploding with colour! The bath bomb looked like a glazing star. After it finished fizzing, it left the water with a night sky  with tiny bits of glitter floating in it. It looked incredible! It didn’t really smell of anything but it did leave me with really smooth skin.



One of my bestfriends, told me to listen to Nirvana as I never heard of them before.I brought two of their albums including Unplugged in New York City and In Utero. I love ‘All Apologies’ and ‘The Man Who Sold The World.’ The songs are so cool!

Video of the month 

This weekend, I was looking through youtube when I found this video. I watched it over and over and over again until I got it. Once you get it, it’s the most inspiring video ever!

Picture of the month

Well, I’m just going to say…..I’m sorry :/

I’ve hope you have enjoyed reading this. Please tell me what your favourites were this month and request what I can do for my next post! I also found out that my most popular posts are My Anonymous Favourites and Letting your anger out so please check those out 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx

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