Birthday presents

Hi everyone! I’ve hit total of 5 likes on this blog! It doesn’t seem much but it feels like a huge achievement! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good if you don’t include the hours of boredom!

So, it’s my best friend’s birthday this week and I have to get her a birthday present. It’s going to be quite difficult because she never seems happy with anything and I’m scared it’s going to be quite pricey. But I have found an idea which will make it less stressful!

1. Ready,steady, bake!

Teenage girls love to stuff their face with food on their special day and plus, baking is really cheap! I think brownies are the best choice because everyone loves brownies! I looked on the internet and found this perfect recipe for making delicious brownies! It also lets you type in a store and comes up with the price!

2. A beauty box

Now, loads of my friends love having spa days and painting their nails. So this year, I created this idea of creating a box with lots of little beauty stuff inside!

You need :

  • Wrapping paper, newspaper (it looks really trendy and vintage if you use newspaper) or photos of her with her friends
  • Face masks. I wouldn’t use heat ones, just in case they are allergic to it.
  • Lip gloss e.g. Miss Sporty because they are really cheap but soooo cute!
  • Nail varnish. Check what colours they have before buying
  • Soap. I know this sounds really weird but you can get these cool ones with really unique smells, like bubble gum or strawberry laces.
  • A cute bracelet
  • Smelly candle.
  • A little packet of chocolates or sweets to enjoy while she is relaxing.
  • A box
  1. Cover your box with photos, wrapping paper or newspaper. For a little bit of shine, add a little bit of glitter and a bow
  2. Afterwards, place all the goodies inside

3. Photo album 

I received a photo album with lots of pictures of me and my friends I was probably my favourite presents and a little tear rolled down my face.Fill the album with memories and add some funny quotes. It costs little but it may require loads of printing.

I hope I’ve helped you buy the perfect present for your friend. I am going to write more posts like this and if you have any request of me writing something then just comment below. Also if you have any more ideas what to get your friend, PLEASE comment down some ideas below. I hope you have a good week and I hope to see you soon! ❤

Hideaway Girl xxx

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