Letting your anger out!

Hi, everyone! Thank you for commenting and following, its really made my week 🙂

This week, has made me want to pull out my hair out. It wasn’t that bad at the start of the week but it grew worst everyday.Friendship at the moment has been tugging at my sleeve again. It just seems that all my friends have been disowning me; they have been treating me like a toy. I’ve just felt ugly this week, which sucks!

Today, I went to town with my friend who spent ages in New Look picking out an outfit which she had to buy at that precise moment. I trailed after her carrying tons of clothes, climbed up and down stairs to put things back which she didn’t want and waiting half an hour for her to finish trying on her clothes. She then let me go to a Costa where I had a medium hot chocolate and she had this milkshake thing. She complained the whole time how she wanted to go to starbucks and how the drinks at Costa were awful, even when she was right near the counter. It was embarrassing to have her moaning…I didn’t even get to finish my Hot Chocolate because she wanted to go to  New Look again. :0

After looking at some more outfits that she wanted, I got to go to a drug store where I tried to look for some foundations. She wouldn’t let me look but she let me look at  what nail polishes she wants me to buy for her birthday.

She had to leave early because she had a sleepover with someone else which she talked about all the way through eating lunch. I decided to go to the beach and take some photos. I walked for at least 1.8 miles until I stopped at a cafe. I sat down and listen to the nature (I sound like a right hippy) I love the sound of the waves crashing into the pebbles and the wind blowing the into my hair. It makes me feel happy to be alive. I kicked at a few stones letting out my anger out. It was brilliant!

When you feel angry or sad, go somewhere which is calm and peaceful to you. It might be the shopping centre, the beach, the woods or the library. Tell me where you go in the comments below 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx

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