tips to relax and drug addiction|Guest post.

Hi,everyone! How has been your easter? Mine has been fantastic, although I have many mock exams coming up and also a Malaga trip next week so if I don’t post often, don’t think somethings bad happened to me. I’m just crying in heaps of revision or in the sun in Spain.

Like me, there is so many of you who are also stressing about exams. Sadly, in many teenagers and adults, they find drugs as a way out of stress even though, it will make things much worse.

However, luckily, Dorothy emailed helpful tips on keeping calm. Although it’s never really affected me, this is such an amazing cause. Anyways, there’s what article Dorothy gave me.

To Relax, Stop Doing These 3 Things

You lie in bed and thoughts race through your head. Did you do enough today? Will you be able to get everything done tomorrow? Are you making enough money? Are your connections on Facebook leaving you in the dust? Will your children grow up to be good people? Who will take care of your pets if you die? And these thoughts are limited to bedtime anxiety. They can strike you as you try to unwind with some television or a glass of wine.

There are times when your brain simply will not turn off. And, that can send you into a frenzy of activity because you feel panicked. You feel like you are falling behind. In these situations, you know you should be relaxing, but it feels impossible. How do you fix this problem?

Just because relaxation is something you are having trouble achieving doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of it. You aren’t too uptight to enjoy your life and your quiet time. It could be the result of your lifestyle and the habits you have picked up. If you are struggling with relaxation, it’s time to jettison your unhelpful practices.

Stop Drifting into the Past and the Future

Some people say thinking about the past is a form of depression and thinking about the future is a form of anxiety. Getting trapped in either of those states won’t allow you to let go of tension. Instead, work to be part of the present. This is often achieved through mindful meditation, and you don’t have to be an expert for it to work.

Try anchoring yourself. Pay attention to the bottom half of your body. Breathe deeply. Close your eyes if you need to. And, think about your feet. How do they feel? Can you feel your socks? Your shoes? Focus on the surface beneath them. Then, move on to your calves and upper legs. Are they cold or hot? Are your muscles tight? Can you feel your muscles? Taking the time to ground yourself in your present sensations can alleviate worries about the past and future.

Stop Playing with Your Phone

If you have notifications switched on, your phone may be buzzing or pinging constantly throughout the day. Even without any incoming calls, you may be hearing about Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook activity. It can be hard to avoid looking at your phone every five minutes so you don’t feel left out.

If you really want to relax, you have to turn off the phone. It’s preventing you from relaxing. Give yourself permission to turn your back on emails, calls, and social media. You will feel uncertain at first and you won’t know what to do because you think of your smartphone as a constant in your life. But, you will grow to appreciate the silence when you are trying to relax.

Stop Fighting the Silence

The phone isn’t the only thing that fills the soundtrack of your life. You are also used to the radio, music, sounds drifting in from people outside or down the hall, television, traffic, and more. Do you even know what total silence sounds like? If you can tune out these sounds and appreciate silence, you will benefit. Studies link noise pollution with high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Of course, a whole day without sound would probably drive you crazy before it relaxed you, so start small and build up if you need to. Start with five minutes. Try wearing noise canceling headphones or earplugs. Or, find a place free from noise. You could spend time in an isolation tank or take a bath and put your ears under the water.

When you take out some of the factors in your life preventing relaxation, you will feel it come more naturally to you and you will reap the benefits.


There’s some useful links with further information and helplines:



UK drug addiction helpline 

Drug facts


Hideaway Girl xxx

Reasons why I hate my canal boat.

Hi,everyone! Guess who’s probably going to stay the next few days on a canal boat in the middle of nowhere with a plastic toilet which literally stinks so much that it hurts my tonsils? me. And I’m probably going to be on my period. So joy.

I wonder why I hate the boat.

And if you’re still wondering, I’ve made a list of reasons why I hate the boat:

  1. At the moment, it’s in a small town just outside of London which only consists of a park and charity shops
  2. I can’t shower on the boat. The water is limited and when there is enough, it’s fucking freezing and so dry shampoo and wipes will become my best friend
  3. Talking about being cold, my dad is strict about the heating so we will be allowed to have the heating before bed but he will turn it off before he goes to bed and I will wake up in the middle of the night with the fear of dying of hyperthermia.
  4. The toilet. I don’t want to go into details about it.
  5. Having to have microwaved food. I hate microwaved food.
  6. No wifi. At all.
  7. The crap singal.
  8. People thinking having a canal boat is cool. It isn’t.
  9. Being in a small place with my family for a few days. I love them and all but I can’t be in a small place with them for ages without getting into fights.
  10. Getting woken up by the birds and the swans.
  11. Getting attacked by the swans
  12. Hearing the knocking of your window because the swans want food and so hiss at you until they are full.
  13. Not being with my friends or Reece. I miss them so much when I’m on the boat that I actually cry.
  14. How passersby look into your windows.
  15. Not being able to concentrate on revision on the boat.
  16. Scared at night because the boat makes weird noises and you’re paranoid someone has broke into the boat.

There’s many other reasons that will come to my head while I’m on the boat and I’ll try to tweet about it to keep you updated 🙂

I’m not going to be able to write a blog post or read any due to the low amount of wifi. However, if you want to contact me either email me ( or tweet me.

I hope you guys have a lovely easter,

Hideaway Girl xxx

Dear Ballet Boy

Dear Ballet Boy,

You’re probably not going to see this but maybe, a very tiny possibility, you would bother to look at how my life is doing and so search this blog but that’s unlikely. You’ve moved on. You don’t really care about me anymore.

So where do I start? Let me start at the beginning.

In year 7, when I didn’t have any friends, you and Lily were the only companions I had. We were all slightly teased for different things. For you, you were taken the mickey out for your long hair and your love to dance. Yeah, you looked and sounded like a girl but you were my first friend that was a boy. You were a new and interesting thing for me to learn about. I think you thought of me as a project at the start as well.

You were the one to make me start looking after my appearance which got me friends and I needed that. You were the one for me to hug and talk to when I was panicked and upset. You were the one where I could be the weirdest around too.

In therapy, you were one of the four good things in my life that were listed. You were the one I talked about the most in the sessions. I don’t think you know how much you mean to me.

You could be a right truthful bitch sometimes. You could make me self conscious but that was really the only bad thing but in all the time I knew you, we never fell out. I don’t think I’ve ever had that with a person.

Whenever I think of summer, I think of you. We spent summers together where you danced in the green fields and I joined in but I wasn’t as half as good as you. There’s a video of us laughing and throwing strawberries together. It’s probably one of the happiest times I’ve ever been in.

I didn’t really know how good you were at dancing until you moved to a city to a famous dance school where you met talented people and quickly, forgot about me.

My birthday was one of the last events where we were all together as a group of friends. It’s where I had my first unromantic dry kiss with you and it was very forced by truth or dare and you dragging me down a muddy hill. I still hate you for that.  I know you will be gay when you’re older and I don’t think you’ve accepted that yet so my first kiss had no attached feelings to it. Just amusment.

You made me happy for a long time. You were my best friend. And god, I miss you.

Elle and I miss you. I get annoyed when people talk about you as they were your best friends and I don’t like to dwell on how much I miss you because we were both like that towards each other. However, this is a letter to get all things straight about our lost friendship.

I think the last time I saw you was in August and you’re only ten minutes away from me visiting family but in spare time, you rather be on your own than meet up with me.

So I need to move on. Maybe we will meet again but I think it’s come to an end.

Thank you for being a good best friend for 3 years and I miss you but I’m moving on.

Yours faithfully,

Hideaway Girl xxx




New job with a new horrible boss

Hi,everyone!  How has your weekend been? It’s the Easter holidays for me at the moment so that means two weeks off school, ay ay. Yesterday, I went job hunting because I needed a stable job and so off I went around my town. I was about to go into this chip shop but I heard of ghost stories there and I know they aren’t true but I would always be paranoid if I worked night hours. So next door, there is this vintage tea shop and I was like ‘Bingo! Literally me but in a tea shop form’ so I went in there and came out with a new job. They asked me to work today and so today, I got up and showered and went there.

It was chaos. I’ve had a waitressing job before but it was in a quiet area so there wasn’t too much work. However, this cafe is in a popular area for tourists and grannies so I was literally on my feet all the time. There was also another new girl but she has had no experience in cafes before so she seemed extra nervous. It didn’t help that the boss was a tad rude at the start and made the other new girl wash up and basically called her stupid. Anyway, she put me taking the orders and there was so many… like I think I took at least 20..

However, the boss is very picky and speaks her mind which isn’t the best thing when you’re in a crowded stressful place for the first time. I had one panic attack and it was awful. However, I kinda just ignored it and carried on. I just didn’t want the boss to see me like that as she would get even more annoyed and I can tell she isn’t a empathic type.

I can see the new girl and me becoming good friends as we just rolled our eyes when we were shouted at or giggled when we heard the old ladies bitching.

When I finished, I felt so proud of myself because 1. I didn’t drop anything 2. I didn’t swear loudly when I got an order wrong 3. I controlled my panic attack 4. I didn’t throw a saucer at the new boss.

It’s these times when I just seen how much I’ve grown up in just two years and how I’ve learnt to deal with my panic attacks better.

It’s good 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx

Being a muggable face.

Hi,everyone! First things first, thank you for all of your emails recently about the group chat, I’m slowly adding people to the group. However, we don’t want too many people because it will get too hectic but we already have a group name which Sav excellently  named for us.

Have you seen the new update of Facebook? Where they’ve copied snapchat and now have stories? I mean…. come on Facebook, be original. I don’t need another place where my face is mugged and exploited by my friends on the internet.

In Spanish, today, my friend Keys just kept aiming her camera at me and taking photos of me but not even in a particular bad angle. It’s just that I look so bad whenever a camera hits me. My face just decides to give up with me and stay in these weird positions.

I think my face doesn’t know what to do or my brain can’t register for ages that a camera is pointing at me before it is taken.

This is the flattering photo that Keys took of me by the way if you were interested in how bad it was:


I mean it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even look like myself in these photos and some people call me the face of mugs. LIKE I’M THAT BAD.

My friends have increased their thirst for my mugable face to humor themselves so all day, there is a fear of snapchat in the back of my mind and I’m hiding myself behind barriers (e.g. Reece or my coat) but I always get caught. I’m not going to show you the rest and the worst because I want to carry on with my dignity on my blog.

But do you guys understand it? Like my face literally just looks bad captured in a moment? I mean I’m not that bad looking.

Hideaway Girl xxx


Let’s make a group chat 

Hi, everyone! A couple days ago I wrote a blog post about how I want to speak to more bloggers and interact with more readers. I’ve been writing this blog for 2 years now and I spoke to Elm and she said it would be a great idea! She suggested on creating a group chat or a Skype call with you guys. However we want about 5-10 people on the group chat as it may be hectic  if more so email me ( or tweet me if your interested. Make sure to include Skype, email and a link to your blog so I can figure out who is who 

I’m so looking forward to this, 

Hideaway Girl xxx 

I want to go to a blogging convention.

Hi,everyone! Today, a girl at my school told me that she got to see Dodie Clark live and she has a shaker thing signed by Dodie.. and I think I’m the most jealous I have been in a long time haha. I’ve never been to Youtube meetings or events because whenever I try and persuade my mum to let me go, the tickets have already run out. I got an email from Eventbrite who asked me who would be in my events if I could choose.

For my panel, I would have:

Will Darbyshire as he makes the most interesting videos and I just love how he thinks

Katie Piper as she’s seems such a genuine and lovely person who I think would give really good advice especially after reading her books.

Matt Healy as he’s an amazing singer but also has an amazing brain with amazing views

John Green as he’s a box full of amazing traits and he would complete the panel.

I think after having a slight moment of not being to talk in front of so many inspiring people, I would ask them all ‘What would you say would be your biggest regret as a teenager?, then I would ask them about religion and then about, specific things to do with them and how they would give advice to young people today.

Not going to lie though, I think I would have embarrassed myself by the last question so I’m not surprised if they would just make me stop asking questions.

Who would be on your panel?

Wouldn’t it be pretty cool if we all made a small event for this small community of teen bloggers and all got to know each other? I think it would be great! We would have such an amazing bond with each other and build each other’s confidence on blogging because I know when I first started blogging, I felt intimidated that I didn’t know any one on here but now, I email daily to blogging friends and gotten to know them. Anyway, wouldn’t be so cool if a whole group of us met up?

Anyway, thank you for Eventbrite for emailing me 🙂

If you need to plan an event for school, a club or maybe even a blogging event, why not check Eventbrite out because they do amazing event planning and so you won’t have to pull out your hair over it.

I’ll see you guys later,

Hideaway Girl xxx


My life in three minutes

Hi,everyone! So my life hasn’t been the greatest these past weeks but in my own spare time, I’ve tried to get myself to appreciate life a little more so I edited home videos. In the videos,I’m 8 to 15 and I had a lot of fun with it. I’ve been watching this video over and over and every time, I feel so happy that I am living and I have so many people that care about me.

Today was lovely. I think it was because I had a conversation with a fellow blogger on email yesterday and it made me so happy . It was so nice to see how much support I get from you guys and I just noticed today how many people actually want me to be okay.

My physics teachers recently has been giving extra words of courage to me as she can see that I’m struggling in accepting that I can do something if I put my mind to it. Two weeks ago, I was in a horrible mood and refused to do physics work all lesson. I got annoyed with my teacher and after the lesson, I went to apologise to her and she said that she can tell that I need some more self confidence.

I guess my message today is that to look around you, be happy with who you got in your life because there will be people who will care and love you.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the video,

Hideaway Girl xxx


Why I haven’t been posting on here.

Hi,everyone! I checked my emails today and I got a few asking if I was okay because I haven’t been posting on here and to be honest, I haven’t felt great for about three weeks now and I don’t really know what to do.

Yesterday, I went to Reece’s and I was in a perfectly comfortable situation but at some  moment, I needed to get out of there but not because of anything in particular but I was started panicking about exams and stupid little things.

School hasn’t been the greatest either; there’s still a lot more rumors and there is people trying to weave themselves in my personal life which isn’t their business at all. I haven’t been on social media much and I didn’t blog on here because I didn’t want you guys to start being worried about me.

However, I’ve been doing a lot of film editing and it will hopefully be up soon but I want it to be really special and different to what I have posted before.

I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting on here or reading any blog posts but I hope you are doing all well and I hope you respect that I’m not going to be posting on here everyday (but I will try and give you an update a couple of times a week) and not being my most cheery self,

I love you guys so much,

Hideaway Girl xxx



False rumor.

Hi,everyone! Today I went to school and decided that staying at home wouldn’t be the best place to cope myself up in. When I got to school, everyone was asking how I was and if I needed help to catch up with anything which not going to lie, it was a bit weird. One of my friends wrote the business studies notes in the back of my book while I was away and Elle did a set of revision cards for me because both of them are absolute babes.

I felt better to be at school, however, there was a panic attack. There’s a few things going around school about me and my personal life at the moment which isn’t true and I’m not a huge fan of being centre of false rumor.

It’s not really bad or bullying, it just annoys me when people think it’s their business. It’s ridiculous.

What you see on tv, the newspaper, youtube or on this blogging world, it isn’t always true. When you hear about someone at school, don’t immediately think it’s true because that’s not always the case. Let the person tell you and take their word for it.

And also, be nice to them. If it is true, it doesn’t matter because if it was you, you would want someone to be there for you.

False rumors, especially at school, are just made up to get out of this boring dull world but it isn’t right to start one for your own amusement because you could actually seriously upset the person.

Luckily for me, it isn’t that bad and I don’t really give a crap what people think of my private life but it’s just annoys me that people think it’s their business.

Anyway, I’m going to Nandos tomorrow with a few of friends such as Reece and Elle to celebrate David’s birthday so I’m going to go and write a blog post for you now so it will be up for you guys tomorrow 🙂

Hideaway Girl xx